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The Hemingway Editing App

hemmingway on ornamation

This image comes from The Write Write Practice, where you can find 22 more inspirational quotes from Hemingway about writing:

Ernest Hemingway’s writing inspired many a writer, however his dedication to clear, precise, and direct prose has now inspired an great new writing tool: the Hemingway App
Famously, Hemingway used to write instructions to himself when writing:   “You can phrase things clearer and better. You can remove words which are unnecessary and tighten up your prose.

While that is easier said than done, the  new The Hemingway App offers a big helping hand. The app highlights long sentences, the passive voice, adverbs and offers simpler synonyms for complex words. All you have to do is paste in your writing, and it will illuminate the areas where you should consider rephrasing. Remember though, writing is not a science; you will still need to use your judgement when choosing whether to make changes or not.

Try it out here :


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