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Chronic Errors We Make When Writing

So you think you know your capital from capitols, your censers, from your sensors, and your Arabians from your Arabs?  You would not be the first to be unsure. that is why Paul Brian wrote the book “Common Errors in English“, an exhaustive list of, well, common errors in English. Fortunately, an interactive website dedicated to this list has been made for you to peruse at you leisure. Check it out; we are sure you will learn something.


But perhaps you consider yourself a master of the English language. In that case you should score 100% on this little test. The sentence below  is absolute nonsense, but apart from that, it also illustrates 12 errors English speakers frequently make when writing. Can you spot them and explain why they are wrong?

One day the Afghani Aid decided to cease the day and ascribed to the New Yorker magazine. Loaning the  requisite money from a man speaking mumble jumbo and taking due care to evade the poisonous spider, he revenged his pet cat on the way home, as he made his way to threw the Straights of Tehran. “Bare with me darling! I will be home in 5 minutes”. As time progressed, it became clear it was a bold faced lie.  

To check tour answers click the hyperlinks:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 789, 10, 11, 12, 13

If you got just one wrong, then you should definitely check out this website where you will find thousands more examples and explanations of similar tricky words.


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