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Best of the Web: Writing Tips from the Greats

writers block

When you are stuck in a writing rut, life can seem bleak. However, you do not suffer alone; you are certainly not the first person to get writers block. When struggling for inspiration, you must remember that the internet is your friend (as well as your enemy). Instead of checking your Facebook, search the internet for writing tips, and see what the experts do.

A great place to start is Brainpickings.org which has compiled a series collecting the wisdom of 52 Great Writers. While the advice is mostly aimed at creative writers and novelists, many of them apply to academic writing too. In particular Writing Wrongs recommends you read Henry MIller’s 11 commandments, Mark Twain’s 18 rants (especially the last 6), David Oglivy’s “No-Bullshit Tips on Writing” and Stephen King on why “The Adverb Is Not Your Friend”.


H/T http://www.brainpickings.org – A great source of inspiration for writers and creatives of every persuasion.


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