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Develop your Internet Research Skills


The internet has revolutionised academic research for the better.  However, the exponentially increasing amount of information and resources that can sometimes be hard to navigate and evaluate.  This means that while the internet offers an incredible resource for students,  it has also  multiplied the number of potential pitfalls – many of which can seriously affect a students grade, or even future career prospects.

Luckily these problems can be relatively easily avoided if a students takes the time and care to learn and use a few simple guidelines and rules for evaluating websites when searching the internet for resources. Now there is a great online interactive guide called the Internet Detective.  It takes less than 1 hour to complete, yet provides vital instruction for how to use ensure you use online resources effectively. What’s more, it may even save your student career!

Note: Even if you are feel you are an old hand at researching and don’t need to learn anything else, this tutorial is worth doing if just to refresh your memory.


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