About Writing Wrongs

Writing Wrongs is the blog of the NWC_logo_low_res copy NMBU Writing Centre 

Our purpose is to provide extra multimedia resources to help students improve their writing skills. These take the form of posts on videos, recommended books, articles, sites as well as anything else that we think could be useful for students writing. We also encourage outside participation and would be delighted to receive contributions, especially from Noragric students of NMBU.

Writing Wrongs will also post links to useful websites and links to William Warner’s (award winning) lectures’ slides (and eventually, videos of the lectures themselves) as well as information about how students can get involved in the NMBU  Student Journal.

A word or two about the creators

Writing Wrongs is written and maintained by the teaching assistants of the NMBU Writing Centre.  Students at NMBU can book one appointments with us per week for help with writing.  You can do this by arranging an appointment via email.  Our contact details and availability are given below. You can also try dropping by the Writing Centre, there is a chance that we might be available, however to be certain you should book an appointment.